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“If what you want doesn’t exist, make it yourself!”
Just a dude insane about Sennheiser headphones, and making things for himself because nobody has made them.
Then, some people wanted what I had made for myself, so I’m sparing some time to try working on them.
It’s been quite the journey- learning new things, meeting new people. Being able to work on the things you love is one of the best things about life.




How does it work?
How does it work?




I can’t really do this for a living - unfortunately currently in this world, headphones are difficult to make someone a living. The times are against us. In some alternate universe where headphones were as important and widely cared for by big companies like AI, machine learning or semiconductors, maybe I could have.
And people just don’t care about great headphones as compared to the early 90s to early 2000s. All headphones are starting to sound the same, because engineers are overreliant on DSP, designers think of only one structural shape, and corporate brass thinks Harman Target is the answer to everything. I feel that the audio industry, beyond just headphones, needs to change.
So I am going to have to have other real life commitments together with this. Thus, this whole thing is mainly for me to share my enthusiasm and the results of that thereof with people who love Sennheisers like I do.
Therefore, I may or may not be able to work on your pair depending on real life commitments. Just because you want to pay me, doesn’t mean I can do it for you.
Maybe someday I'll work at a large audio company where I can have an impact about the things I care about headphones. (Or if people paid me enough, maybe I could start my own) But for now, I am handcrafting headphones for you because this is my passion and sharing what comes out of my personal research is part of it.
Before contacting me please check the “how does it work?” tab.
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네이버 카페 닥헤/헤뽐: ext1
군필이고 한국말도 합니다. 미국인 아니에요… 자랑스런 한국 단일국적입니다
@ext1 on SBAF or Head-fi
Order status:
I can make all the models on the site, it’s just that they will take time.
Fastest: JAR800, Slowest: JAR6X0, Medium: JAR660
As of March 2024, every order (except for one or two orders) have been fulfilled and clients are happy.
Orders placed after March are either currently on work or on backlog.
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