Help, I squashed my drivers!

Okay. So somehow your cans have the driver squashed/crumpled, and look like this:
Not a big problem. It happens with stock 580/600/650 too.
Here’s how you fix that:
Again, the oldie but goodie vid from our favorite grandfather of the hobby Tyll..
Watch 8:29.
Basically, blow a quick burst of air to the other side of the driver and it will pop back up.
I like to use a bulb blower instead (don’t wanna get saliva into the drivers…)
However don't do it too hard. Just enough to pop it back up. Do it too hard and you can misalign the diaphragm from the voice coil.
Here’s what that looks like:
The magnets are slotted, and the voice coil is on the diaphragm- so, if the diaphragm overshoots, the coil goes out of the magnet slot.
If that has happened to you, simple, just gently press on the diaphragm and it will pop back into place.
Here are proper drivers with no issues for reference.
Observe how the height is not overshooting and the coil is securely in the magnet slot.
NOTE: I had someone trying to disassemble the headphone to the driver level thinking this was what I was suggesting. No, that’s not what I’m saying. The pictures above are just for demonstration purposes.
Look at my other pages and you’ll see that I wrote the screws are all precisely torqued, so don’t try to touch the screws and then complain to me the left and right side sounds different.
All at your own risk!