Instructions for earpad assembly

There’s a specific way I install the earpads. I think most people do it this way too, but not everyone.
I am writing this info down here because this is really important for the version B works.
Here, you can see that there is nothing separating my fingers and the baffle material (which is silk in this case).
So, if you were to install pads by just pressing on the padding, you might slip and puncture the baffle with your fingers. That is not good. At all.
Hence, install the pads by ONLY pressing the plastic tabs of the earpads against the earcup. Like so:
You should be able to hear an audible click while you do this.
For the OG models, installing with the oval foam is default. For the B models, do not install any oval foam. (It sounds bad, it wasn’t designed for that)
When installing the earpads with the oval foam, it might take a few tries/more force for the earpads to click into place, because the earpads have to get through the oval foam and click into place. The pads should click into place much easily in the B.
Note that cheap third-party 6x0 earpads don’t click nicely into place and present much more difficulty in installation. Also, they have different earpad hole sizes, which changes the sound. I do not like them.