B-models (JAR580B/JAR600B/JAR650B)

In the OG model, I had to make a choice between acoustic chambering, and dampening. The OG is the result of the latter route, and this is the result of the former.
The question I sought out to answer was, “Would an acoustical optimization of the 600/650 earcups sound good even at the cost of decreased damping?”
It was difficult to find a good balance between the two. For example- simply increasing the part height would give more space for dampening. But there’s no guarantee that it will sound good. (It didn’t sound good, I tried- essentially it’s because the higher the part goes, the more “cavelike” the enclosure gets. Which is not good.)
The OG has more weight to the sound. It has a tad bit more heft to the subbass and has a very controlled treble. It is characterized as more of a smoother sound. The B has a tighter bass and snapper transients. It has a wider soundstage and highly precise imaging. You can feel the air has room to move around without being sharp or sibilant.
I think the two sound different. But they are both good in what they do. It is a different approach and I’m starting to see almost a 50-50 split in people’s preferences with this.
As for me personally I prefer the vintage-based vB ones to the OG ones, and I like the 600 version very much. (I never have the time to make one for myself, though…hah). Although maybe a properly made OG 600 with extra time and effort could dethrone it.
This version is getting increasingly difficult and hard for me to make, as while in research I thought they would be very easy to make… but after doing quite a lot in series, I’m finding these are just as difficult as the OG versions. Kill me now…I am only one person. Give me a break!
Impressions for the 600B here, and 650B here.
Price: 600 USD (if you want me to work on a vintage model, it is not 600, ask me about them. They’re much much more difficult to make)
In stock: vB model made with HD6XX (x1)
Headphone not included. See here.