B-models (JAR580B/JAR600B/JAR650B)

In the OG model, I had to make a choice between acoustic chambering, and dampening. The OG is the result of the latter route, and this is the result of the former.
The question I sought out to answer was, “Would an acoustical optimization of the 600/650 earcups sound good even at the cost of decreased damping?”
It was difficult to find a good balance between the two. For example- simply increasing the part height would give more space for dampening. But there’s no guarantee that it will sound good. (It didn’t sound good, I tried- essentially it’s because the higher the part goes, the more “cavelike” the enclosure gets. Which is not good.)
The OG has more weight to the sound. It has a tad bit more heft to the subbass and has a very controlled treble. It is characterized as more of a smoother sound. The B has a tighter bass and snapper transients. It has a wider soundstage and highly precise imaging. You can feel the air has room to move around without being sharp or sibilant.
I think the two sound different. But they are both good in what they do. It is a different approach and I’m starting to see almost a 50-50 split in people’s preferences with this.
As for me personally I prefer the vintage-based vB ones to the OG ones, and I like the 600 version very much. (I never have the time to make one for myself, though…hah). Although maybe a properly made OG 600 with extra time and effort could dethrone it.
This version is actually insanely difficult and time consuming to make, much more than OG. And you thought OG is easy..
Impressions for the 600B here, and 650B here.
Price: 900 USD (if you want me to work on a vintage model, inquire separately. They’re much much more difficult to make)
In stock:
vB - 6XX sold
vB - 600BS x3 sold
vB - 600SS x5 sold
vB - 650SS x2 sold
Maybe more to come, maybe not, depends on whether I find the pair interesting to work on for myself, because I don’t build these in order to sell
Headphone not included. See here.