OG models (JAR580/JAR600/JAR650)

The original models that I started out with. It’s a very long story how I got started.
I first made this in 2017, trying to fix the HD650 for myself. The stock 650 for me had one problem which is that is has a strange midrange resonance that is very annoying when listening to nice mid-centric tracks. This especially ruins the experience when listening to delicate vocal tracks.
Damping the earcups alleviates this issue, and tightens up the bass etc, but.. that means going grill-less, and that has its own issues. The headphone becomes very shouty. That’s because it has no acoustical optimizations.
So, the sea of mods online on various forums did not do it for me. I didn’t like how shouty they became. I set out to make the best 650 for myself… but then people found out about what I was doing, and wanted a pair for themselves. That’s how I started.
Later on as I saved up more money I tried researching the HD600 and HD580, and made the appropriate adjustments to those. It looks like the JAR600 is the most popular, because it sits right inbetween a stock 650 and 600 yet has controlled treble and plentiful bass.
I really dislike working on these, because they take so much time and require so much attention. When I first made these, I made it for myself, so I thought I would be making it only once. Who knew I would have to be repeating it over and over?
But I don’t change the procedures, because that’s the only way to guarantee sound quality. There’s no good sound without great care and attention. Time and time again, I have found that putting more careful effort into each pair definitely comes with proportional rewards in sound quality.
Price: 600 USD
Headphone not included. See here.