Q: What pads do you recommend?
A: Stock only. Stock only…. stock only. Hey, Senn nailed these. They do a lot of things right!
Q: How about cables?
A: I’ll leave it up to you, but… I like stock Senn HD800 cables. They are actually really good quality and are very transparent. I can’t speak for the rest.
Q: Do all the units sound the same?
A: While I am able to change a little of the tuning per pair, the biggest factor for the final sound is the stock unit itself. So, no two units sound the same. For modern 600/650 based works, Senn is good at matching, so they sound very similar to one another. Vintage is a different story (also part of the fun). HD800 is also a very different story. (Some insane serial variations going on with that)